Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Thailand and Laos to Restrict Phone Signals Along Their Borders

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­Thailand and Laos mobile networks have been ordered to restrict their mobile phone coverage along the border between the two countries to prevent accidental roaming onto foreign networks by customers.
The two countries regulators agreed a policy that limits phone signals so that they do not penetrate the other country by more than 1km in urban areas and 2km in rural areas.
The main problem was due to stronger signals from Laos based networks drowning out the weaker Thai network signals along the border resulting mainly in Thai nationals being charged for calls made on Laos networks, even when inside Thailand.
"The limits of the signal level for Lao mobile phone users transmitting across the border are weak, so mobile phones in Thailand will not be automatically switched (to receive the signal from Laos)," NBTC Commissioner Prawit Leesatapornwongsa announced.
Thailand has a similar agreement with Malaysia in the south of the country.


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